SVG to Fonts Converter

It converts SVG files to Fonts which includes HTML, Stylesheet (CSS, LESS & SASS) and Font files like ttf, woff, woff2 & eot files. This tools usage is totally free of cost.
Convert SVG To Fonts

Create all major Font Files

It create all major Font files for you ie. woff, woff2,ttf & eot.

Drag and drop support

It also allow you to drag and drap files from your own system.

Bulk SVG icon upload option

You can select and upload multiple SVG icon files at once.

Get HTML & stylesheet files.

It will also create HTML & stylesheet which you can directly integrate in your code.

Just upload SVG

Just upload your SVG files either by selecting files in Explore/Finder Or using Drag and Drop. once you upload you SVG icon just hit Convert SVG to Fonts button. It will take a moment and convert all your icons to corrosponding Font files, HTML and Stylesheet files for you. It will create a zip files which includes all files which you can directly download at final screen. Best part of this is it's usage is totally free of cost.
Create Fonts Now

No More Hastle

Most Designer & Front end developer had to waste lot of their precious time on converting these fonts during application development. They get even more trouble in updating these files. Now it's very easy, just upload your SVG icons and get it done.
Create Fonts Now